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About the series

Flower Fi Bi and Friends is a TESOL based pre-school educational English language teaching TV show.  It is designed specifically for teaching language through original songs, books, games, text books, cultural insights and more with colourful original characters.

Each series has10 X 14 minute episodes featuring live action AND animation.


The show’s creator, Tina A.Wake taught English in Japan for many years, is a TESOL teacher, fashion designer, writer/producer/director, singer and dancer, so this show is her on a plate.

Tina found that there are English teaching shows for teenagers and adults (teacher standing at a blackboard…boring!) and definitely nothing fun and exciting for children.  A lack of quality teaching materials and games that kids enjoy, was identified, so Tina made them herself!  This show is a cross between Sesame Street with the short quick clips and The Wiggles, with songs, but for teaching English as a second language.

The show can be used to help immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers settle easier into Australia, UK, Canada, the USA and South Africa.

The Japanese and Chinese alone spend over $7.5 billion a year learning English but there is no one show dedicated to teaching them language skills – let alone in a fun and engaging way!  Flower Fi Bi fills a very large niche that caters not only to people learning to speak English, but for young native speakers to also enjoy and learn literacy and numeracy as well.  The model is scalable, replicable and franchise-able, enabling it to reach into many markets throughout the world.  The language skills are based on the official TESOL curriculum and LLAN model (Language, literacy and numeracy) teaching the four core components of learning a language:  speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

Flower Fi Bi and Friends is heavily branded.  Everything used on the show has the potential to be produced as consumer products - CD’s, study guides, text books, flash cards, costumes, puppets and more. 

There will also be online exams and heaps of interactive things to keep children keen to learn English by having fun including an app. Children can even send in their own greeting videos and colouring in. 

Topics covered in the show are all the key elements to learning and communicating in a language such as numbers, greetings, name, age, colours, alphabet, phonics, verbs, nouns, adjectives, prepositions songs and more.  This magazine style show has short clips and segments that work well for both networks and online.

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